RDPFFA Announcement
Don Taylor

April 14, 2010
Following several meetings of Retired Public Employees from various departments and organizations, a new statewide association has been formed. The new association is Michigan Association of Retired Public Employees, aka MI-ARPE. A web-site has been set up www.mi-arpe.com and e-mail mi-arpe@hotmail.com.

Some limited information has already been placed on the web-site. You can view the By-Laws, the minutes from the meeting of April 12, and a list of some current legislation in Lansing, which may or may not have an effect on Public Employees.

Tim Ward,lobbyist with Michigan Legislative Consultants in Lansing,(One of the oldest and most respected lobbying firms in Lansing) has offered his assistance in our lobbying effort at no cost to MI-ARPE during the formation period of the association. So we will be working with Tim, as we review this legislation. Once we identify a bill that needs our attention we will take action, and keep you informed in regards to the progress of the legislation. Along with the legislation we have listed on our web-site, we expect numerous new pieces of legislation to be introduced, as the state works to cut its' deficit and assist local municipalities in reducing their deficits. We are all aware of the fact that Public Employees both active and retirees, benefits are considered by the state and many municipalities to be the cause for their budget deficits.

Public Employees pensions and hospitalization plans are under attack across the country and the state. Turn on the news, and you're likely to hear reports of Public Employees' Cadillac Healthcare Plans and Lucrative Pensions forcing states and municipalities into bankruptcy. It's time for us to join together and get our message to the legislators that these reports are wrong and there is a misconception in regards to the level of benefits that most current retired public employees receive.

We need every Retired Public Employee to join in and assist us as we attempt to protect and preserve the meager pensions, and limited hospitalization coverage we actually receive. Go to the web-site www.mi-arpe.com download a dues form complete and return it as soon as possible. Remember there is safety in numbers. We can't do this alone

When a current association/organization joins, they will be able to appoint members to the MI-ARPE Board of Directors, and any communications from MI-ARPE will be sent to the member organization. So we also suggest that you join as an individual, and then you will receive any communications sent out by MI-ARPE along with your own membership card, and the right to vote and run for office, and other rights and privileges.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me anytime, Office Monday-Friday 9AM-3PM, (586)795-1734 or my cell (810)627-9349.
Please forward this information to every Public Employee Retiree you know.
Don Taylor
Treasurer, Michigan Association of Retired Public Employees
President, Retired Detroit Police & Fire Fighters Association
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